Which version of Mobile Strike is the best: Android vs iOS vs Amazon

Mobile Strike made a big splash in 2016 as one of the top MMO real-time military strategy game. Sponsoring big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be shown on commercials, Mobile Strike is easily the hottest game in the app store for players wanting to experience a unique blend of Massively Multiplayer Online game and real time strategy. Think CoD and Starcraft and you have a pretty good idea what the game is about.

Developed by Epic War, Mobile Strike is currently available for three platforms: Android, iOS and Amazon. For people with multiple devices, it is legitimately ok to ask which one is the best to play Mobile Strike on. Even though the game is essentially the same, the platforms dictate how the app can be created and distributed and makes a big different in the game experience. Mobile Strike Hack site provides the best tips and online tools for getting more coins and vip.

For Android, the game has been reported to amass over 10 million dollars, with many estimating that Mobile Strike has crossed the 50 million download and install barrier. Needless to say, Mobile Strike is incredibly popular on Android platform.

Mobile Strike requires a long list of permissions that include the following: In-App Purchase, Device & app history, Identity, Location, Wi-Fi Connection info, Device ID & call information. There are other minor permissions the app ask that are baked into primary permission requests.

Despite the overwhelmingly long list of permission Mobile Strike requires, it isn’t deterring people from installing and playing the game.

Mobile Strike needs iOS version 7 or higher to work and for anyone with older devices, they are purely out of luck. It only requires 95.8 Megabytes of space, which is nice since many iPhone devices are strapped for space without having the micro-SD card slot, unlike Android phones and tablets. The latest version 3.12 for iOS fixed many errors and bugs and nerfed few overpowered units to balance out the game.

Amazon app version of Mobile Strike is a lot like Android. This can be attributed to the fact that Amazon devices are actually close-walled garden version of Android and use many of the same codes and infrastrcutrures typical Android apps are required to fulfill. Only negative we can comment on Mobile Strike for Amazon is that because Amazon devices tend to be underpowered in terms of CPU and GPU, there were a lot of slow-downs and glitches that were present.

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