Spades Plus Top Strategy Tips for Winning More Coins

If you’ve mastered the basics of bidding and tricks and latest coin cheats for Spades Plus, you might want to take your game to the next level. You might have asked yourself how the high ranking players manage to get those ranks and play at those very ludicrous tables with seemingly unlimited coins. Well think no more, here’s a guide that’s sure to make you a Spades Plus veteran.

Learning how to count


No, it’s not as basic as one two three, and no, it’s not that trick you see in Vegas (and that’s for Blackjack, not Spades Plus). Counting in Spades Plus is the simple observation of what cards have already been played, with inclusion of the cards you have in hand. If that sounds too complicated, here’s a more basic explanation:

Scenario: You want to win the trick and the player before you plays a 10 of diamonds and you have a Queen of diamonds, before you’re so hasty in releasing your Queen, you should have observed if the King or Ace have been played prior. If they have, check if all the diamonds have been played as you can still be outmatched by a King or Ace of a different suit.

It’ll be easier for you to play strategically if you take into consideration which cards are already played if you know how many cards there are in total. Always bear in mind that there are only 13 cards per player and each suit also has 13 cards. If you have 4 diamond cards in hand and there have already been 8 diamond cards played, then you’ll know there’s only one diamond card left aside from yours.

This might get tricky at the beginning but once you get used to it, it’ll be a cinch. This is a great addition to your arsenal if you want to climb up the ranks and be a Spades Plus veteran.


This is commonly known as forcing your opponent’s cards. You drive your opponents to a corner with strategic placing and take control over a table.

Scenario: You have A, J, 10 of a specific suite in your hand and you’re leading. Think carefully, if you play the J, then you’re setting up the table for the Q and K, making your 10 able to win a trick on the next play. If your team meat has the K, good for you, you still get the trick, if the opponent gets the K, you still have the A and the 10 for a win.

Always observe your team mate

Remember that you play as a team in Spades Plus. Try to consider that won tricks count as a team. For example, you bid 3 tricks and your partner bids 2, your team should only have a minimum of 5 tricks and a maximum of 14 tricks (Sandbagging) won altogether else your team will get a penalty. This could be a 7 – 7 win or a 14 – 0, it doesn’t matter who won a trick, it’s the number of tricks combined that makes a play.

If you’re aiming for the top, these are only a few tricks that you’ll be using along the way. Always be sure to strategize your play so you can win your games and level up to be a Spades Plus veteran. Spades Plus is available for free on iTunes and Google Play, so go ahead and try it out.

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