Secrets to Dominating Monster Strike As a Newbie

To be able to understand Monster Strike better, you’ll have to go along with a tutorial. You may think that it’s not really needed since you’re more of a hands on person but the rewards for completing the tutorial should change your mind. Completing the tutorial rewards you with 10 orbs and 2 rerolls. Two rerolls are quite useful since they change the state of your party. You’ll find great use of rerolls in the later part of the game.

If you’d like to make the most out of each stage, you can try to combo the bumps with your monster allies. By getting combo bumps, you can incur projectiles or lasers which aid in clearing the stage much faster. In order to get the best combo bumps, you should utilize the walls to the best of your abilities.

Angles are your friends, so try to make use of angles as best as you can. Nobody really wins on their first try, unless you’re extremely resourceful or lucky. If you didn’t get it on the first few tries, don’t worry, physics took some time to be understood. Winning is actually not that hard in this game if you take advantage of tools like Monster Strike hacks.

How do you measure a game’s value? It actually boils down to its replayability. When a mobile app is being played over and over again, it’s garnering quite a reputation in the market. One of the recurring games on the list is Monster Strike.

You might be wondering why such a game has turned up on this list, since it’s not so known. It might be because of its anime-like aesthetic or the awesome fantasy theme that the game is set upon. Or maybe it’s really challenging approach to clearing out each stage.

This is because Monster Strike is actually a physics-based game, dealing mostly about the amount of force that your monster is applied on and how many times it bounces on the enemies. While the concept is a little unusual, Monster Strike has retained its replayability by constantly challenging people on solving each stage as efficient as possible.

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