Definitive Guide to Angel Investors in AdVenture Capitalist

Angel Investors are the core to generating heaping amounts of money using AdVenture Capitalist cheats on the game AdVenture Capitalist by Hyper Hippo. If you’re still in the dark on how the Angels work, we’ve prepared a guide to make you understand the Investors menu and the benefits of having tons of Angels.

What is an Angel Investor

To start with, an Angel Investor is an unlockable that you gain after receiving a huge amount of money. These Angels provide a 2% profit increase each and is vital to the growth of your Capitalist Empire. A mere 2% increase might not be appealing at all, but at mid to late game, these numbers are worth it. Also, if you’re signed in on Kongregate from the game (I only tried this on Android), you get a 5% increase profit per angel; that’s a total of 7%!

Okay, you might think I’m exaggerating this bit so let me show you the math. Let’s say you have 50 angels and you think they might not be too much, but as computations go, 50 angels x 2% profit = 100% profit increase, in case you didn’t get that, just 50 angels unbuffed can net you twice the amount of money than you did on the previous game. Just imagine how much money that is!

If that’s still a little too vague for you, the initial profit of a lemonstand is just $1, as compared to $45.724 sextringtillion upon having 103.024 quintringtillion Angel Investors* (I have a green suit that adds 10% profit, plus the Kongregate’s 5% and the initial 2%, total 17% profit per angel).
*Yes, I have spent tons of time on this game. Yes, that’s too much money. No, I still haven’t finished the game.

If the concept of increased profit appeals to you, make sure that you gather up a lot of Angel Investors and slowly build them up. The only downside of this would be that each time you claim your investors, your game resets to the beginning.

Angel Upgrades

The second tab of the Upgrades menu is only available through Angel “sacrifices” (it sounds bad, but that’s how the dev made it). This unlocks a totally different set of upgrades which would totally increase your profit flow. The upgrades initially start as simple profit multipliers and later on appear as investment count permanent increases. Although the upgrades seem very appealing, always make sure to check the price before buying as you permanently lose your Angels upon sacrifice.

Angel Managers

These managers are only available through angel sacrifices. They work different than your usual managers who automate your tasks for you. These managers offer distinct bonuses such as the EZ upgrader (upgrades appear on the top right of the screen), the Quik Buy (lets you upgrade for all your money could buy, for angels: lets you sacrifice the SAFEST amount of angels), and investment discounts. Early game, you should be wary not to spend all of your angels since it’ll make your game really slow and you’ll have a hard time regaining the lost angels. Late game, however, the Quik Buy would let you buy all the upgrades you can without that risk.

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