Best Services to Get Hand-Written Cards From

hand-written-cardAny person that is in a business that deals with individual clients, in order to generate an income, can set themselves apart from their competition, by incorporating hand written cards in their communications process. Some services where these cards would have the most impact would be, insurance, car sales, and real estate, just to name a few. One might ask, why use hand written cards instead of simple printed cards? The reason is that in the business world you want to set yourself apart from the competition, and utilize any and every unique leverage method, which sets you apart from the pack, but in a positive light.

When insurance, agents, car salesmen, and real estate agents follow up from an initial visit with a personal handwritten card, this makes an immediate impact. This gesture says that I am not your average business person, but I will go that extra mile or do the little things that will result in providing you with the best service possible.

The average consumer is approached daily by merchants and agents of various sorts, whose alternative motive is to find a client, make a sales pitch, close the deal, and receive a commission in one form or another. When someone breaks the mold and does something totally unexpected, like sending that hand written card, they instantly cast their efforts in a favorable light, compared to those individuals who seem to follow a script. Below I will provide examples of how individuals working in the three industries just mentioned might apply this form of communication.

Receiving A Hand-Written Card From The Insurance Agent

All insurance agents, regardless of their field go through a testing, qualifying, and licensing phase, in order to become an insurance agent. However, the one thing that they don’t teach is how to set yourself apart from the pack. An agent that utilizes the art of hand written cards, right off the bat attracts the attention of possible clients. I would say that nine out of ten insurance agents have never given out hand written cards, because they are programmed to follow scripts. A smart agent who adds that little extra, like sending a client a hand written card, most likely will make a lasting impression.

When A Car Salesman Sends You A Hand-Written Card

Last year I was in the market for a new or good used car, so I visited a number of dealerships. I was not in any hurry, so I decided to take my time and check a lot of dealerships out. Most of the salesmen handed me a card upon leaving, and many made the traditional follow up calls. However, this one salesman at a used car lot had a little notebook with him. Before I left, he said that if anything that I may be interested in shows up, that he would contact me.

He took out his little notebook and asked me for my address and phone number; he already had my full name. About three days later I received a hand written card from him describing a car that he thought would be right up my alley. Well, I went down and wound up making the purchase. That card attracted me there.

The Real Estate Agent Who Sends A Hand-Written Card

A home purchase is a high priced item and money spent is carefully watched. A smart agent would already have this tactic incorporated into their arsenal of selling procedures. You contact them about a home, an appointment is made, they show you the home and follow up. During the time that the appointment is made, they collect your information for later use. The smart people orientated agent routinely sends out hand written cards at spaced intervals, hoping that the timing is right for the purchase and sale. The hand written card seems to be more routinely utilized in this industry, compared to the others just mentioned.

In Summary

Throughout the business world numerous services are provided on a daily basis. The object of the game is to get noticed, favored, and requested. Once you accomplish these three objectives, the ultimate goal of getting paid is just around the corner. Most associates or employees in the three industries just mentioned, would not go to the level of providing this simple special service to a client. However, the ones that do, set themselves apart from mediocrity, and elevate their quality of service to a unique level.

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