Angel Investors are the core to generating heaping amounts of money using AdVenture Capitalist cheats on the game AdVenture Capitalist by Hyper Hippo. If you’re still in the dark on how the Angels work, we’ve prepared a guide to make you understand the Investors menu and the benefits of having tons of Angels. What is an Angel Investor To start with, an Angel Investor is an unlockable that you gain after receiving a huge amount of money. These Angels provide a 2% profit increase each and is vital to the growth of your Capitalist Empire…. Read Article →


If you’ve mastered the basics of bidding and tricks and latest coin cheats for Spades Plus, you might want to take your game to the next level. You might have asked yourself how the high ranking players manage to get those ranks and play at those very ludicrous tables with seemingly unlimited coins. Well think no more, here’s a guide that’s sure to make you a Spades Plus veteran. Learning how to count No, it’s not as basic as one two three, and no, it’s not that trick you see in Vegas (and that’s for… Read Article →


Any person that is in a business that deals with individual clients, in order to generate an income, can set themselves apart from their competition, by incorporating hand written cards in their communications process. Some services where these cards would have the most impact would be, insurance, car sales, and real estate, just to name a few. One might ask, why use hand written cards instead of simple printed cards? The reason is that in the business world you want to set yourself apart from the competition, and utilize any and every unique leverage method,… Read Article →

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